Sometimes wee need move our local standalone or web application to another system. Along with moving code we also need to move database tables and data. This article shows steps on how to move database using phpMyAdmin.

Export database

  • Login into phpMyAdmin
  • Select Database from left side pane

  • Click on “Export” tab in right side pane

  • Select “SQL” from Format drop-down list

Select “Custom – display all possible options” radio box for advance option, where you can specify output file  name, tables to export  and object and data creation options

  • Click on Go button and save <databasename>.sql file to local system.


Import database

  • Login into phpMyAdmin, different MySQL server where data needs to be imported and create database.

  • Click on “Import” tab on right side panel

  • Click on “Choose File” button and select exported <databasename>.sql file

  • Click on “Go” button

  • Following message will be displayed on successful database import


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